The deadline to apply for AENA’s extraordinary recovery incentives and additional discounts is 31 March

With the aim of boosting the recovery of the airline industry and collaborating with airlines to promote the increase of traffic in the airports of the network, AENA launched last year a programme of extraordinary incentives for the recovery of commercial operations and additional discounts that can be applied for until 31 March by sending an email to This aid scheme allows airlines to receive a refund on the average monthly landing fee equal to the percentage recovery of commercial operations compared to the same month of the previous year, regardless of the number of passengers carried. The maximum refund an airline can obtain on the landing fee is 100%.

This measure of the airport manager incentivises all movements operated, and not only those additional to a certain threshold, provided that the airline has obtained a recovery percentage equal to or greater than 20% compared to the same month of the previous season and has equalled or exceeded eight commercial passenger operations per month. This is an incentive without limits and gradual on the landing fee and, therefore, does not depend on the occupancy factor.

With this initiative, AENA seeks to alleviate the difficulties involved in flight scheduling given the current health situation, with the aim of stimulating air activity in a continuous and progressive manner, in order to encourage airlines to increase their daily, weekly or monthly operations.

AENA also offers a series of additional discounts:

Connection Discount: 40% discount on the passenger and security fee for connecting passengers. Connecting passengers are considered to be those who fly within a 12-hour period on two or more subsequent flights with a single ticket number to an airport other than the airport of origin.

Seasonal Discount: 20% discount on the passenger and security fee from 1 November to 31 March. Currently applies to Balearic seasonal airports (PMI, IBZ and MAH), according to Law 21/2003.

Valley Day Discount: 50% discount on the landing and passenger tax for operation at Canary Islands airports during valley days.

More information: AENA