New Covid regulations in the Basque Country

New Covid regulations in the Basque Country
New Covid regulations in the Basque Country

– SCHEDULES: Closure of establishments and cessation of cultural, social and commercial activities at 24.00.

– TRADE STALLS: In establishments of more than 150 m2, 40%; and up to 150 m2, 60%. In street markets, 50% of stalls allowed.

– HOSTELRY: Closing at 24:00. Indoor seating capacity 50%. Prohibited consumption at the bar or standing. Maximum 4 people at each table. Masks are compulsory except at the time of eating.

– TXOKOS: Gastronomic societies, fish markets and similar remain closed.

– NIGHT LEISURE: Nightlife establishments and premises remain closed.

– LEISURE TIME ACTIVITIES: Leisure time groups may be organised for up to 10 people, as long as they are guaranteed to be stable.

– GAMING PREMISES: Closing at 24:00h. Capacity of 50%.

– PLACES OF WORSHIP: 35% capacity. At wakes and funerals: outdoors, maximum 30 people; indoors, 6.

– SPORTS FACILITIES: Capacity 50%. Changing rooms, 35%. No public at sporting events.

– SPORTS PRACTICE: Outdoors, no limit to the number of people; indoors, maximum 6. School sports in training and no changing rooms. The use of masks is compulsory, except in competition and at exceptional times of intense physical activity outdoors.

– BEACHES AND SWIMMING POOLS: It is not compulsory to wear a mask when bathing and while in a specific area, as long as the distance of 1.5 metres between people can be respected. The use of a mask will be compulsory when moving around or walking. Groups of people, which shall not exceed four, shall always respect the interpersonal distance.

– MOBILITY AND MEETINGS: Since 9 May, with the end of the state of alarm, there are no longer perimeter closures, curfew and limitation of groupings of people.

– PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The maximum departure time for public transport may be set up to 24:00 hours.

– BASIC MEASURES: Use of face masks, interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres and constant ventilation of enclosed spaces. Try to avoid crowds. It is recommended to limit night-time movements and mobility that is not necessary, and to avoid gatherings of more than 4 people.