Bilbao Airport Route Development Committee: It acts as go-between for the airlines and various authorities in the Basque Country to assist with growth or implementation

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The common goal of the public institutions and companies making up this group is to address air connectivity challenges as a single body able to work together to modernise the transport network. Its tasks are as follows:

  1. To draw up the specific strategy for Bilbao, Biscay and Basque Country air connections.
  2. To conduct research and analyses in relation to air connections and their impact.
  3. To table proposals to structure the sector around demand for and supply of Bilbao-Biscay air connections.
  1. To spearhead joint tourism communications in Bilbao-Biscay in relation to air connections.
  2. To produce courses of action that will drive relations with airlines and other players in the air sector.

Connectivity dossier of the largest airport in Northern Spain