Driving air connectivity in the city of Bilbao and the province of Biscay

Air connectivity is essential to ensure the competitiveness of the tourist destination Bilbao-Biscay and its economic development

In this regard the “Bilbao Biscay Action Connectivity Group” is implementing a strategy with perfect coordination of all parties involved to facilitate the implementation or growth of airlines as a single interlocutor.

Connectivity strategy seeks to prioritize Bilbao Airport as a gateway to the Bay of Biscay adding year after year new inbound and outbound traffic.

General objectives

To boost the number of visitors to the Basque Country to drive tourism and the economy

To facilitate the globalisation of Basque businesses to connect them to key cities for the purposes of innovation and global economic development

To offer better connectivity so that passenger experiences bring about a better standard of living and greater demand for air transit services

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