The Basque Country is one of Europe’s most competitive and attractive regions for investment

Basque industry accounts for 23.5% of GDP, and its main features are efficiency, quality, technical excellence and its commitment to internationalisation

The Basque Country’s percapita GDP outstrips the EU-28 average by 19%, with a productivity ratio of 130%.

Investment in R+ beyond the EU average. With only 4.7% of the population of Spain, exports (chiefly to France and Germany) account for almost 9% of the total figure for the Spanish state

Ranked 4th

in the EU

in terms of per-employee productivity

Ranked 8th

in the EU

in terms of per-capita income (GDP)

Ranked 8th


in the United Nations’ Human and Economic Index 2014.

An attractive business environment, legal certainty, the coverage of its own financial system and high levels of self-governance

Head office of leading multinationals Companies based in the Basque Country lead the way in fiercely competitive sectors such as energy, aeronautical construction and rail infrastructures, bioscience, automotive, machine tools and shipping, among others.

Companies with a strong international presence, generating a significant flow of business travellers. Euskadi’s location and the sound reputation of its honest, serious business fabric are highly valued guarantees that have helped create a recognised and tractive country brand – Basque Country.

The Basque Government brought in over 613 million euros of foreign investment between 2014 and 2019 for 136 business projects, most of which came from Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.